Memorandum of Understanding

(Details under “Administrative / Financial” must be customized for each camp partnership)

Dear Camp Program Host:

Brigade Air conducts a summer camp program that introduces teen-aged youth to missionary and humanitarian aviation. This  program challenges and inspires young people through classroom learning, proprietary video material, hands-on exposure to aircraft maintenance, and introductory flights in light aircraft.  At no time is flight instruction being offered or given, but campers are encouraged to pursue flight training after camp is over. Campers may follow along on the controls, but the pilot will remain in control of the aircraft at all times. Safe attitudes and actions are stressed in all activities, in and out of the aircraft. Campers are not being charged for flight time. The camper fee for this unique experience is all-inclusive, and reflects only a small shared aircraft operation expense, due to the generosity of our donors and the aircraft owner who underwrite most of the cost.  These partners and our qualified volunteer pilots enable us to offer this program to you very inexpensively.

Thank you for viewing the short video on our web site, “How To Start A Camp“. (If you have not seen this video please watch, prior to continuing with this agreement form.)

Brigade Air, Inc. is able to continue each year primarily through generous giving on the part of individuals, churches, foundations, and major donors.

The effort of reproducing these youth aviation camps is a joint one, and we must work together to see many more teen-agers introduced to the opportunities and needs in worldwide missions service, focusing particularly on missionary aviation.

Every Mission Aviation Adventure Camp is a hybrid of our camping program and expertise plus your organization’s resources and additional local resources. The effort requires significant time and effort on our part to investigate those local resources, procure qualified pilot / mentors and aircraft, make necessary arrangements for aircraft liability insurance coverage, and identify and train qualified volunteer help. Brigade Air staff will administrate the camp week on your facilities, and at the local airport.

What You Can Expect From Us:

  1. Expertise in providing you the most unique and challenging summer aviation camping program for your teenaged campers, age 14-18. Brigade Air, Inc. has had nearly 3,200 campers at 153 week-long youth aviation camps around the US and Canada, 2001-2017. Campers are challenged spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as they take the controls of an airplane for the first time, and are taught Biblical values wrapped around aviation anecdotes through the Brigade Air curriculum.
  2. The highest standards of safety, and moral and ethical integrity. We are members of Mission Safety, International. Brigade Air, Inc.’s pilot /mentors and aircraft owners are carefully screened and selected. Most are certified flight instructors, and some are commercial pilots. All are committed followers of Jesus Christ. All are committed to encouraging young people toward a future of service as a missionary first, aviator second. Many are current or former missionary pilots themselves.
  3. A Non-Owned Aircraft liability insurance on planes used at your week of Brigade Air camp within the USA. A certificate of insurance coverage naming your organization will be furnished prior to camp start date. This is furnished extending our coverage to your organization for the duration of the camp week. This is a $1,000,000 limit aviation liability policy. Your current camp liability insurance will not cover an aviation activity, and you should not expect your underwriter to do so. This certificate of coverage is included.
  4. Brigade Air negotiates classroom space and use of ramp space at the local airport.
  5. Publicity of your Brigade Air camp week over our web site. Campers that register first on our web site will be routed directly to you for your follow-up with them.
  6. booklets picThe camper booklet, “Aviation Adventure” is provided for each camper to keep.
  7. booklets picA certificate of completion for every camper is included.
  8. t-shirtsAn embroidered or silk-screened tee shirt for each camper is included.
  9. Follow-up via our mission partner organizations with interested campers.

Bruce E. Wolff
Executive Director, Brigade Air, Inc.


What We Expect From You:


  1. This segment to be negotiated on an individual basis. Available resources and equipment vary based on location.
  2. An on-site visit by a Brigade Air, Inc. representative to your location and the local airport intended for Brigade Air flight operations is required prior to the first Brigade Air camp at your location, and the travel and accommodation expenses for this trip will be covered by you, the camp host. The purpose for this trip is to determine matters of safety and logistics.
  3. Local publicity for this unique camping experience will be done by you, the camp host. A sample tri-fold brochure will be furnished to you, showing the name, contact information, and logo of Brigade Air, Inc. along with your organization’s logo and information. Sample wording will be provided by Brigade Air, Inc., and must be followed closely, so the aviation experience offered to campers is properly represented in all publications.
  4. Collection of camper registration forms and fees through your normal office procedures. A parallel camper registration is required over our website, but no registration funds will be collected by Brigade Air, Inc.
  5. Travel expense for one Brigade Air staff member for the first camp week will be provided by you, the camp host.
  6. Food, bunk, and ground transportation during the week for the Brigade Air staff member(s) will be provided by you, the camp host.
  7. Your camp’s Executive Director’s signature to this form and the Risk Management Policy form.


  1. 1-2 ground support personnel will be furnished by your organization for logistics and assistance while the campers are at the local airport.
  2. Transportation to and from the airport each day, as well as one planned field trip mid-week, will be furnished by you, the camp host.
  3. A bag lunch for each camper, pilot/mentor, and assistant will be provided by you, the camp host.
  4. If a TV/VCR/DVD is not available for our use at the airport, one must be provided by you.

I have read and understand the three pages of this Memorandum of Understanding by Brigade Air, Inc. I accept and agree to comply with the Brigade Air, Inc. policies and practices as described in this document.