Mentoring Curriculum

The Brigade Air curriculum Book One was published for churches and schools in the US and Canada.

This curriculum contains integrated Bible and aviation lessons written for ages 13 through 18, instructional videos, resource guides for activities, and interactive CD-ROM educational programs courtesy of NASA.

If you are interested in starting a Brigade Air club in you church or school, Contact Bruce Wolff for details.

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Who Uses the Brigade Air Curriculum?

  • Christian Middle School and High School teachers looking for an emphasis on missions in a format that keeps the students’ interest
  • Church leaders wanting to focus their teens on the world outside…on people who need Christ
  • Home school teachers wanting to use a practical and fun Bible curriculum
  • Moms and Dads wanting to mentor their teens one-on-one

Aviation has a natural appeal to teens. Brigade Air harnesses that interest and focuses their attention on technical missions.

Brigade Air also provides teens with a source of focus, identity and belonging through their teenage years.