Why Start at Jr. High?

Youth today are making big decisions earlier in life. With the advent of Internet access and availability of information, everything moves faster for them, probably too fast.

In response to this reality, Brigade Air provides a fun and exciting experience designed for them – and their short attention span. At the same time, Brigade Air gives them an opportunity to learn of a world that needs Christ and how they can be used of God in a unique way to reach it, hands-on.

In a survey conducted by Moody Bible Institute recently, incoming students revealed that 19.7% of them had made the decision to pursue training for ministry before they completed Jr. high school.

Brigade Air focuses on both Jr. high and high school aged youth in order to make a deliberate lasting impression on them while the “paint is still wet”.

Aviation has a natural appeal to teens. Brigade Air harnesses that interest and directs their attention to technical mission service, planting the seed earlier.