Camps & Campers

Beginning in 2022, Camper Registrations for each program will be processed by each camp organization. Brigade Air will not be processing camper registrations on this website. Click the links on the Partners page for camp details. Summer, 2023 camps are scheduled in ME, MI, NC, SC, VA, ID, and WA.

Brigade Air Camps


For twenty three years, Brigade Air has partnered with a variety of organizations that have hosted 182 of our week long aviation camp programs, accident and injury free. We directly organized, administrated and resourced each program, encouraging the host to develop and sustain internal leadership. The effects of Covid-19 in 2020 changed our operational strategy going forward. Our legacy programs have now been handed off to their hosting organizations, and we now are consultants for potential new programs, provide limited support for our legacy programs, and continuing to educate and challenge the church on global missions.